Saturday, January 10, 2015

MORE New Releases!

Nancy Brooks is a writing machine and she's got two more juicy books waiting for your loving attention.
Here they are, check them out.

PUNSO ISLAND (Sons of Mil Saga) 
by Nancy Brooks

(contains adult content)

His body crashed through the dense foliage, making as much noise as possible. Arms swung out at the branches of achiote trees, disregarding the nicks and cuts caused by the spiny dried fruit. His boots trampled across knee-high shrubbery, exposed roots, and fallen trunks. He could hear the threatening shouts of the men chasing him, their voices getting louder as they closed the distance. His heart was pounding too hard in his chest, sweat drenching his shirt, and his breath was coming too quick; he was beginning to stumble now, vision blurring, ankles giving way under the mulch.

It didn’t matter. All that mattered was getting the men as far away from his team as possible.

Whether tracking a forest deity through the darkest reaches of the Amazon, or using himself as bait to keep rebels away from his friends in the Yucatan, Miguel Portillo has devoted himself to ensuring the Legendseeker Society’s safety. When the team is invited to the Philippines, Miguel is prepared for anything… except for Camilla Vengco’s declaration of love, and the snares of ancient magic that quickly draw them both towards destinies they have no hope of escaping.

What starts out as an exciting research expedition quickly turns into a nightmare for Miguel and the team members under his protection as they fight off potential kidnappers and get stranded on an island no one ever visits after dark. Eager to escape the beach as a strange mist begins to form, the Legendseekers slip into the jungle—only to come face to face with deadly creatures of Filipino lore. Now trapped in a dilapidated building surrounded by the screams of tortured souls, monstrous creatures hungry for human flesh, and a seductive fetus-eater eager to manipulate them into breeding, Miguel must keep his charges alive long enough for someone to rescue them.

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SELKIE (Tangled Threads Series) 
by Nancy Brooks

(Contains adult content.)

Ancient Scottish legends tell of magical seals who venture out of the raging sea, shedding their skins to become beautiful maidens that frolic upon the sands of Earthworld: Selkies. Whosoever steals a Selkie’s skin becomes her husband and master, until the day she finds her pelt and is able to escape back into the waves. Until then, she and the children they bear are at his mercy…

Brooklyn Selvaggio’s whole world implodes when the child she’s raised is taken from her by wealthy entrepreneur, Charles Solste. She jumps at the chance to become the child’s nanny, but soon finds herself on a mysterious island, living with strangers, and with only a feeble promise of ever seeing Liberty again. With her heart broken, and no way of reaching the child without provoking Solste’s wrath, Brooklyn must rely on the kindness of the Solste’s hulking driver—a man who both terrifies and arouses her entire being.

With rumors quickly spreading of a baby sale, time is running out for Milesian soldier Sawyer Garrett. Nothing can stop him from capturing the Selkie demon he’s been assigned to contain—not the investigation of recently promoted NYPD detective Chris Gerardi, the interference by a nefarious organization bound on disclosing his true identity, nor the loss of the only woman he’s ever fallen for…

Or will love and compassion force him to disobey his orders and betray the cause that generations of his family have lived and died for?

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