Saturday, October 3, 2015

NEW RELEASES from Nancy Brooks

Legendseeker has produced five new books in this amazing new series.

This new line does not feature any paranormal or supernatural creatures. Though it does have some fantastic men :) Sometimes, the real world can be just as romantic as you'll see in The Jaded Series.

The Jaded Series is available now on

Q & A with Cecily Magnon

Q: When did you start writing?

I guess in one way or another I've always written, mostly in journals. And back in my school days, I used to love to write short stories.  I remember, when I was still in college, one of my girlfriends had this creative writing assignment that she was absolutely dreading.  She couldn't get herself to do it.  She was more of a numbers person. Well anyway, the days were ticking away and still no paper. 

Being the good friend that I was, LOL! I offered to write it for her. She got an A and we averted a major melt down. LOL! Had I known then, that I was gonna pursue writing as a career; I would have kept a copy of that story. I remember it was pretty good J

Q: Where do you take your inspiration from?

Funny enough, a lot of things come to me when I'm asleep -- through my dreams! I tend to have weird dreams and some of the visuals I get during my dream cycles make for great scenes in a book!

 I like to people watch too and I like to pick out certain descriptions and antics from the people around me and those become my characters' traits and personalities! LOL!

Q: Do you write full time?

No L but I wish I did! For now, I still have a day time job, but eventually I'd like to be able to quit my day job and write full time. That would be a dream come true!  I get giddy just thinking about it.

Q: Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of writing?

I love to listen to music -- all genres, it just depends on my mood. Music is great for stimulating my writing too. Sometimes, if I'm listening to something moody and a little dark, so will my writing! It's crazy.

I love to read and now that I'm writing to pursue a career, I don't have as much time to read and I miss it terribly! I'm trying to sneak in a page or two, here and there during breaks in my schedule -- just so I don't go into withdrawals.

I'm not outdoorsy at all! In fact, it doesn't take very long for me to start sneezing and itching the moment I get out in nature, but if I want to spend time with my kids, I must brave the elements! LOL! Plus, and I hate to admit this, but it does clear my head and gives me a break.  Even I get cabin fever after a while.

Q: What were you like as a kid?

Weird. Goofy. Insecure. My mind matured faster than my body. I was the little kid with the old soul.

I was fascinated with magic, superstitions, ghost stories, and folklore that included magical creatures. My grandmother had gifts and sometimes she would take me aside to read my palm and I remember trying to figure out how she could see all that in my hand. I would ask her to show me how and she would say that I'd have to figure out my own ways.

I loved cartoons and superheroes and the iconic fight between good and evil. I grew up watching, Scooby-Doo, He-Man, and the old Marvel comic cartoons, like X-Men and Spiderman. I got a little bit older and I became a big fan of Wrestle Mania! The WWF story lines back then were better than soap opera!

Q: 5 interesting things about you:

1. Cecily is my baptismal name. You won't find it on my birth certificate.

2. I'm trying to develop my psychic intuitiveness. Muahahahaha!

3. I have no sense of direction, whatsoever. To make matters worse, I can't read a map! I get lost so much, even my kids can tell, when I don't know where I'm going.

4. I snore like a lumberjack!

5. I'm slightly claustrophobic. I get the heebee-jeebeez going through tunnels and if I have to fetch toys from the under the bed.