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Soon to be Released!

FEDERAL AGENT (Violators: The Coalition) by: Nancy Brooks is coming soon! in tomorrow!!

Book Description:

New Releases

Assassins (Violators: The Coalition Series)
By: Nancy Brooks
Available at

Legend has it that Humans and Non-Humans once shared this land we now call Earth. Truth is, they still do. Most Nons are descendants, half-humans, living undetected on every continent. They like it here. They want to stay. This is their home.  It wasn't always like that. Back when legend was being written, Nons wanted this land for themselves. They hated humans and would do anything to force them out of this world. They're the reason why the Milesian Army was formed. With the Milesians leading the battle, almost every immortal was exiled into the Otherworld. Those who managed to escape were considered violators.  The M.A.'s off the grid. No one really knows who or where they are. They capture, contain, and exile every Non they can find. They make sure the average person lives in ignorance, unaware that immortals exist; they hire assassins to make sure the secret stays hidden. My nam…

Dark Skies is coming!

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim Book 3 is coming SOON!
Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for Dark Skies to go live! will be first of the retailers to have it available for your reading pleasure.
Details to be posted as a go-live date is confirmed.

Events Page

Be sure to check out the Events Page.
The page is a new addition to the site to keep you informed of  12 Angels Publishing's authors' activities as well as news from friends of 12 Angels Pub -- Loki Rhythm.
We're also going to be posting activities from Legendseeker Productions/Adventures featuring Nancy Brooks and her troop of adventurers! 
Stay tuned as we do our best to keep you entertained :)

Art Expressions of San Joaquin

The moving gallery will be showing at the County Administration Building on October 10, 2014 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
44. North San Joaquin Street
Stockton, CA 95202 and LOKI RHYTHM will be there for your musical entertainment!

Check our Angels, Legends, & Rhythm's Facebook Page. This is a collaborative adventure between 12 Angels Publishing, Legendseeker Productions, & Loki Rhythm. Come join the fun!

Latino Comics Expo

Nancy Brooks will be at the Latino Comics Expo coming to San Jose next week!  October 11 & 12, 2014 San Jose State University Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Click on LATINO COMICS EXPO for more information.
Please go make sure to check out this great event!

Celebrate Stockton

12 Angels Publishing will be at the Celebrate Stockton/Stockton is Magnificent event on October 4, 2014. Yours truly will be there presenting on why writers and authors should consider self-publishing.

Yours truly will be presenting for 40 minutes! OMG! Talk about being nervous. I don't have a problem with presenting, I have to do that for my day job, but I have never been in front of people talking about my love, my dream, my work, and why I think more people should follow their publishing dreams too. This is pretty personal.

I got the email from the author coordinator for the event and I'm pretty sure I'm in, but my participation is so last minute and I'm still trying to figure out everything that the event needs that there's a part of me that's thinking, I'm makin' stuff up. LOL!

Wish me luck! I'm pretty sure I read and understood that email correctly and I'm pretty sure, he asked for my info so I can be included in the schedule. Anyways, ig…

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Dark Skies Order of the Anakim
By: Cecily Magnon
Coming Soon!

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Ok folks, Cecily's next installment in The Order of the Anakim series is almost finished. In the meantime, here's a fresh book trailer from Cecily to peak your interest.

Are you peaked?

Dark Skies release date will be announced soon! Stay tuned and spread the word.

Book Description: (Warning: Book contains adult content)


Check out the new page I just added. It's a fun little gallery to show you the various avatars that I, Nancy, and Cecily have used. 

It's not all inclusive and I'll probably add more images as we go, but it's a fun start.

As an aside, I hate getting my pictures taken. Me and the camera have a hate-hate relationship at the moment. Well... maybe not hate-hate, but dislike-dislike. So anyways, there will probably be more drawn pics of me than actual pictures. LOL!

If I get brave enough or if I have a picture that doesn't make me look crazy, I'll post it :) We'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy the new page!
Go check out our new "AVATARS" page.

Book Trailers

Just a quick note to let you know that there are BOOK TRAILERS available for your viewing pleasure.

If you go to the links section, titled "Author Sites", over there on your left,

You'll see links that say:
Nancy Brooks YouTube channel
12 Angels YouTube Channel

Click on the links and enjoy!

Nancy has trailers for most of her books posted and she's constantly adding more to her collection.  Think about subscribing to her channel to get the latest additions.

Cecily's and Mignon's (moi) are under 12 Angels Publishing You Tube Channel.  There's not as many there (yet), but the clips are just as entertaining!  There will be more trailers added to this channel as well, so stay tuned and visit often.

I've also added a link to the Special Project's page for I AM NOT FRAZZLE. I contributed that trailer to the group as a show of support and was I relieved that they all approved! Whew!

Enjoy the clips!