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Posting Plans for 12 Angels Publishing

This is the first official post for 12 Angels Publishing's Blogger site and what a thrill it is!

My plan is to add all the books that are under 12 Angels Publishing as a Post. I figure that will make the books easier to find.

In the meantime, I will also create separate author pages for Nancy, Cecily, and Mignon.

I'll also be adding links to their blogs so you can visit them away from here.  Each of the author blogs will provide more content and more first hand accounts of what the authors are doing.  This site (at least for now) will be strictly to show the books in an easy searchable manner and announce works in progress as well as soon to be released books.

Stay with us as we chase our dreams and make them dreams come true!

**LOL! Since I posted this a few hours ago, I've been playing with how to show the books... Well, a post is not going to work, at least not like how I had in my mind.  So... I will create a page of Books by -- and I will have to reserve the post for…