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Check out the new page I just added. It's a fun little gallery to show you the various avatars that I, Nancy, and Cecily have used. 

It's not all inclusive and I'll probably add more images as we go, but it's a fun start.

As an aside, I hate getting my pictures taken. Me and the camera have a hate-hate relationship at the moment. Well... maybe not hate-hate, but dislike-dislike. So anyways, there will probably be more drawn pics of me than actual pictures. LOL!

If I get brave enough or if I have a picture that doesn't make me look crazy, I'll post it :) We'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy the new page!
Go check out our new "AVATARS" page.

Book Trailers

Just a quick note to let you know that there are BOOK TRAILERS available for your viewing pleasure.

If you go to the links section, titled "Author Sites", over there on your left,

You'll see links that say:
Nancy Brooks YouTube channel
12 Angels YouTube Channel

Click on the links and enjoy!

Nancy has trailers for most of her books posted and she's constantly adding more to her collection.  Think about subscribing to her channel to get the latest additions.

Cecily's and Mignon's (moi) are under 12 Angels Publishing You Tube Channel.  There's not as many there (yet), but the clips are just as entertaining!  There will be more trailers added to this channel as well, so stay tuned and visit often.

I've also added a link to the Special Project's page for I AM NOT FRAZZLE. I contributed that trailer to the group as a show of support and was I relieved that they all approved! Whew!

Enjoy the clips!