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Celebrate Stockton

12 Angels Publishing will be at the Celebrate Stockton/Stockton is Magnificent event on October 4, 2014. Yours truly will be there presenting on why writers and authors should consider self-publishing.

Yours truly will be presenting for 40 minutes! OMG! Talk about being nervous. I don't have a problem with presenting, I have to do that for my day job, but I have never been in front of people talking about my love, my dream, my work, and why I think more people should follow their publishing dreams too. This is pretty personal.

I got the email from the author coordinator for the event and I'm pretty sure I'm in, but my participation is so last minute and I'm still trying to figure out everything that the event needs that there's a part of me that's thinking, I'm makin' stuff up. LOL!

Wish me luck! I'm pretty sure I read and understood that email correctly and I'm pretty sure, he asked for my info so I can be included in the schedule. Anyways, ig…

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Dark Skies Order of the Anakim
By: Cecily Magnon
Coming Soon!

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Ok folks, Cecily's next installment in The Order of the Anakim series is almost finished. In the meantime, here's a fresh book trailer from Cecily to peak your interest.

Are you peaked?

Dark Skies release date will be announced soon! Stay tuned and spread the word.

Book Description: (Warning: Book contains adult content)