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NEW RELEASES from Nancy Brooks

Legendseeker has produced five new books in this amazing new series.
This new line does not feature any paranormal or supernatural creatures. Though it does have some fantastic men :) Sometimes, the real world can be just as romantic as you'll see in The Jaded Series.
The Jaded Series is available now on
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Q & A with Cecily Magnon

Q: When did you start writing?
I guess in one way or another I've always written, mostly in journals. And back in my school days, I used to love to write short stories.  I remember, when I was still in college, one of my girlfriends had this creative writing assignment that she was absolutely dreading.  She couldn't get herself to do it.  She was more of a numbers person. Well anyway, the days were ticking away and still no paper. 
Being the good friend that I was, LOL! I offered to write it for her. She got an A and we averted a major melt down. LOL! Had I known then, that I was gonna pursue writing as a career; I would have kept a copy of that story. I remember it was pretty good J
Q: Where do you take your inspiration from?
Funny enough, a lot of things come to me when I'm asleep -- through my dreams! I tend to have weird dreams and some of the visuals I get during my dream cycles make for great scenes in a book!
 I like to people watch too and I like to pick out certain de…

Before and After

We thought this might be fun to share with you. Part of  the beauty of self publishing is being able to experiment, and it seems when you think you're done, well... you're really not. For example, take a look at the evolution of Prelude to a Storm's cover design. We love all of them, but as you can see, Cecily has been updating.


Spawnby Nancy Brooks  is here!
This is the latest installment in the Tangled Threads Series.  Find out what happens next to Kiarme's band of mercenaries.
Book Description:
It would have looked like a typical American home, except for the bars on the windows, the aluminum foil wrapped around the roof, and the sign on the lawn that read ‘Beware of Aliens’. This they were used to; it was an assignment they could handle efficiently as Disseminators of Misinformation. But when Seven Banks and his fellow DOM operative arrive in Nebraska to discredit a typical alien sighting, they find themselves thrust into the wrathful path of cannibalistic creatures highly skilled in guerilla warfare. A hostage situation soon ends in a race against time to stop bloodthirsty creatures determined to hunt down and kill fugitive enemies—a band of mercenaries led by the only man who can exterminate the spawn of a demigod.
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Gathering Storm is FREE

 Smashwords Read an E-book Week starts now! 3/1/15 thru 3/7/15
Join the fun and help celebrate the adventure of e-books!
To help in this great movement, Gathering Storm is FREE!
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MORE New Releases!

Nancy Brooks is a writing machine and she's got two more juicy books waiting for your loving attention. Here they are, check them out.