Q & A with Cecily Magnon

Q: When did you start writing?

I guess in one way or another I've always written, mostly in journals. And back in my school days, I used to love to write short stories.  I remember, when I was still in college, one of my girlfriends had this creative writing assignment that she was absolutely dreading.  She couldn't get herself to do it.  She was more of a numbers person. Well anyway, the days were ticking away and still no paper. 

Being the good friend that I was, LOL! I offered to write it for her. She got an A and we averted a major melt down. LOL! Had I known then, that I was gonna pursue writing as a career; I would have kept a copy of that story. I remember it was pretty good J

Q: Where do you take your inspiration from?

Funny enough, a lot of things come to me when I'm asleep -- through my dreams! I tend to have weird dreams and some of the visuals I get during my dream cycles make for great scenes in a book!

 I like to people watch too and I like to pick out certain descriptions and antics from the people around me and those become my characters' traits and personalities! LOL!

Q: Do you write full time?

No L but I wish I did! For now, I still have a day time job, but eventually I'd like to be able to quit my day job and write full time. That would be a dream come true!  I get giddy just thinking about it.

Q: Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of writing?

I love to listen to music -- all genres, it just depends on my mood. Music is great for stimulating my writing too. Sometimes, if I'm listening to something moody and a little dark, so will my writing! It's crazy.

I love to read and now that I'm writing to pursue a career, I don't have as much time to read and I miss it terribly! I'm trying to sneak in a page or two, here and there during breaks in my schedule -- just so I don't go into withdrawals.

I'm not outdoorsy at all! In fact, it doesn't take very long for me to start sneezing and itching the moment I get out in nature, but if I want to spend time with my kids, I must brave the elements! LOL! Plus, and I hate to admit this, but it does clear my head and gives me a break.  Even I get cabin fever after a while.

Q: What were you like as a kid?

Weird. Goofy. Insecure. My mind matured faster than my body. I was the little kid with the old soul.

I was fascinated with magic, superstitions, ghost stories, and folklore that included magical creatures. My grandmother had gifts and sometimes she would take me aside to read my palm and I remember trying to figure out how she could see all that in my hand. I would ask her to show me how and she would say that I'd have to figure out my own ways.

I loved cartoons and superheroes and the iconic fight between good and evil. I grew up watching, Scooby-Doo, He-Man, and the old Marvel comic cartoons, like X-Men and Spiderman. I got a little bit older and I became a big fan of Wrestle Mania! The WWF story lines back then were better than soap opera!

Q: 5 interesting things about you:

1. Cecily is my baptismal name. You won't find it on my birth certificate.

2. I'm trying to develop my psychic intuitiveness. Muahahahaha!

3. I have no sense of direction, whatsoever. To make matters worse, I can't read a map! I get lost so much, even my kids can tell, when I don't know where I'm going.

4. I snore like a lumberjack!

5. I'm slightly claustrophobic. I get the heebee-jeebeez going through tunnels and if I have to fetch toys from the under the bed.


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