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Here's the latest from Cecily.
Tempest Dawn keeps the adventure going for The Order of the Anakim.
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After centuries of manipulation and treachery, Ashtaroth, Queen of the Demons, has made good on her promise. Lord Baal has risen and has taken the hordes to the next level of their ruthless plans. With unstoppable women at his side, Baal sets his sight to start his war on the unsuspecting people of San Francisco.
There's only one thing standing in his way -- The Order of the Anakim. Since the time of the Nephilim, The Order has been the stronghold that have kept the demons at bay. Help is desperately needed when faith and hope are crippled when the demons trample The Order's beloved city.
Can The Order recover as their numbers dwindle and they fracture at the seams?
Will the demons succeed in their quest for war?
Will humanity survive?
Tempest Dawn is the fourth installment in the Order of the Anakim series, and will take urban fantasy …

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim  has been updated!
As is the ways at 12 Angels Publishing, our authors collaborate on projects. That's the only way to go in indie pub. We all achieve success by helping each other out!
Kudos, Nancy Brooks and Cecily Magnon on your joint effort.  Nancy -- content editing/formatting Cecily -- writing/editing
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