Here's a fun page to show you various avatar images that Nancy, Mignon, and Cecily have been known to use.

Nancy's Avatars

This was drawn by Joe McKeever during Nancy's Legendseeker Tour 2014. I think they met him during a break at a rest stop :)
This was drawn by Bella! She's awesome and you'll see several of her work here.

Mignon's Avatars

I commissioned this from Bella. I love her style and I think she captured my likeness pretty well! 
 Yes, I want to be an angel.

Mignon's PIGGY Avatars (these are the ones that you will most likely see for me. I love these and I find myself always going back to one of these avatars. OINK!)

Cecily's Avatars

Fantasy pic of Cecily. She's into the mystical and fantastical.
Pretty cool huh?
Another fantasy pic. This one and the one right above were done by the same artist.

Yep, Cecily is into angels too.


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